Farmer Focus Arable: Richard Beachell is hoping for a good harvest

Congratulations to Hull City for maintaining Premiership status for another season after a nail-biting final game against Manchester United.

I had the privilege of meeting Sir Bobby Charlton at half time and told him I’d just finished his autobiography – and he commented on how much he enjoyed reading my Farmers Weekly articles.

I hope it’s a good harvest this year as, judging by the money I’ve spent on trips to away matches, I shall need another good pot to fund my travels next season. If I was an MP I could put it all down as expenses.

Incessant windy weather meant my T2 wheat treatments were applied a week later than I’d have liked. Given the high risk of yellow rust on Oakley, I’d been keen to spray in good time and primary foci could be seen from the cab as I applied the flag leaf mix which again included Comet (pyraclostrobin) to combat this aggressive disease.

A T3 will be applied early next week with a decent rate of triazole to ensure rust is kept at bay. I now regret not applying a T0 as I seem to have been chasing the disease all season with the danger of it getting away from me.

Cordiale wheat has had extra nitrogen fertiliser at flag leaf hopefully to boost protein levels. It was a good job that we could put it through our pneumatic spreader as the prill quality was very poor and a spinning disc would have struggled to apply it evenly.

Pearl winter barley looks fantastic although a little leggy. Two applications of Jaunt (prothioconazole + fluoxastrobin + trifloxystrobin) have kept it disease-free throughout the season. The grain sites seem to have set well and promise a good yield.

I hope you, and Sir Bob, have enjoyed reading these few paragraphs.

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