Farmer Focus Livestock: Spring is yet to arrive for Adrian Harrison

As I write, the signs of spring are still not obvious and the Dale is looking dull. The landscape is looking uneven as there are periodic brown mounds dotted all over.

Mr Mole is having a ball and if they could vote, the labour party would have no worries as the legislation that was passed to prevent the use of stricknening has led to a huge increase in mole masses.

This week began with TB testing. We are in a four yearly testing region. Our sympathy goes out to those areas testing more regularly because of the workload this must bring. Fortunately and with much relief we had no reactors.

The results of our recent soil samples have shown to get 100% use of our nitrogen we need to apply 3t/acre of calcium lime. The ground temperatures (mid March) was only 2° and with a temperature of 6e_SDgr required for growing to start, time to send the kids out to do a sun dance.

Cows are now back on track after the sickness we previously reported and we are now half way through the second cut silage. My father is out each day with a tape measure to prove to me he was right and we will run out before summer.

We are feeding 31kg silage, 5kg blend, 8kg fodder beet and 0.5kg straw; a total of 42.5kg a cow, impressive for an amimal with a body weight of 450-475kg.

The good news for this month is we have been offered a milk price rise of 0.5p/litre things are looking up or are they?

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