FARMER FOCUS: Spraying catch-up at Christmas

Prior to Christmas, we finally caught up with our spraying and the last of the Kerb (propyzamide) went on in good conditions. Soil temperatures were low so all that was needed was a little rain to wash it in, 70mm later I think we’ve had to 60mm too much.

With small areas of standing water again, I’m only too aware we have got away lightly again compared with those both north and south of us, and I really feel for those whose homes were flooded over Christmas.

We had a good run in the workshop leading up to Christmas with our MK3 solo OSR drill finished off, and I’m sure we’ve got it right this time. The Horsch Terrano modifications have been completed and it’s been coupled to its modified wider press ready for the 2014 season.

Next we need to tweak the rams on our chaser bin, I made a schoolboy error with my calculations when working out their capacity. I measured the largest piston not the smallest, you live and learn. All that’s left to build then in the workshop is a 12m grain drill before the summer, I’m already worried there’s not enough time.

For many families, Christmas is a difficult time and the loss of a loved one is never more evident than at this time of year especially at family gatherings. This was our first Christmas without our eldest daughter Emily , and we knew from the start we needed to do things differently this year. Like many others I’m sure we will be glad to get back to the distraction of work.

This year I asked Santa for a nice Berreta silver pigeon 20-bore shotgun and maybe a lesson or two on how to use it. Unfortunately, he didn’t get my letter and felt a new set of tyres for the car would be a better use of the money. Oh well, there’s always next year.

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