Farmer Focus: After this autumn, I needed a holiday

I am pleased to report that I met my “deadline” of October 31 and got 90% of my planned winter crops drilled, leaving just one lower lying field until the spring.

A more settled last week of October and long working days helped me to meet my target.

Thanks are due to drill man Gordon for sticking with it – I hope his family remember who he is!

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I see the last couple of fields just starting to peek through so I think we have succeeded.

No spraying done yet, but at least the crop is in and apparently growing.

However, I am very conscious of many fellow farmers across the UK who have not been so fortunate, and who may well find their businesses under some pressure next year.

It will also be interesting to see how the current situation affects the supply/demand balance and, of course, prices. Add Brexit into the mix and it’s anybody’s guess.

After such a busy and stressful period, some time out was required to recharge the batteries, so we headed to Morocco for a week to join some friends in a fabulous holiday home right next to the beach.

Much fun, relaxation and some liquid refreshment and I came home a new man!

I didn’t realise just how tired I was until I got there and it proved to me, if proof were needed, the importance of taking some time off. Thanks to Linda for being such a wonderful host.

Top yields

Back home for one day and then off to the Monitor Farm and Yield Enhancement Network (YEN) conferences.

Both, as always, were interesting and enjoyable and in these fast-changing times, made us all think a bit more, and sometimes “outside the box”.

Always good to hear what others are up to and how they meet their various challenges.

The YEN conference showed what was possible with crop yields and how to achieve it.

It is clear we have many positive and inspiring farmers in this country who are definitely up for the challenges ahead, and all we ask is to be treated fairly.

Happy Christmas everyone and let’s hope we have a more ‘settled’ 2020 – in every way!


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