Farmer Focus: Will super-fast broadband be a good thing?

By the time you read this we should have our fibre broadband up and running. With the promise of 300mbs, we will certainly be fully enabled.

Now that we are able to communicate with mega fast speed, I suppose I should ask, whether that will be a good thing?

No doubt I will be able to hear the latest news even faster, download detailed maps from the Rural Land Register and make very many other technological improvements.

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Who knows, in the future I’m sure it will aid me in flying the drone over fields without even having to leave the office, while simultaneously directing a fleet of autonomous vehicles to their various tasks.

Mrs B, a bit of a technophobe, always asks if it will help her to speed up cleaning out the stables.

No doubt she is hoping that it will, after all, as with all the spare time created by not having to wait for data to download I will have time to give her a hand. Win-win isn’t a phrase that comes to mind in such situations.

A refund

One thing that I won’t be using the newfound speed for is to stay up-to-the-minute with the latest political promises – not least because if one particular party gets into power then I will regret the spend on the scheme.

Having promised to deliver free fast broadband to all, will they reimburse those who have spent money making their own arrangements?

Furthermore, I am finding that politics is becoming ever so slightly monotonous at the moment.

One promise after another with no real substance, we could all do with some certainty.

At this point in time we don’t really know if we can expect any BPS money next year.

Payments were only guaranteed until the end of the last parliament, does that promise still stand if no one party or alliance can form a majority government?

Especially if the present situation drags on into next spring.

One thing that I do know for certain is that the sugar beet harvest will continue over the next couple of months, although it may be a bit sticky on some of our heavier land.


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