Fast and furious start to Yorkshire harvest

Oilseed rape harvest at JSR Farms in East Yorkshire would follow hot on the heels of winter barley combining making it a fast and furious start, technical manager Philip Huxtable said.

“We kicked off with the barley last Tuesday [18 July] and we’re about 45% through so far.

“It has been a little stop / start because of the drop of rain over the weekend.”

The majority of the 170ha combined so far has been six-row feed variety Sequel, he said. “It is doing 3t/acre (7.5t/ha), which average, certainly not record-breaking.”

Moisture’s were a dry 12-13%.

“We’re yet to get into the hybrid barley comparison strips,” he added.

Oilseed rape would be ready to follow on directly behind the barley, but there could be a gap to the wheats, he said. “They’re starting to turn now on the Yorkshire wolds, but appear to have held onto their greenness for longer than other wheats, so we’re quite hopeful.

“But it has certainly been a fast and furious start to harvest.”

Crop: Winter barley
Variety: Sequel
Yield: 7.5t/ha
Area: 170ha
Quality: 12-13% m/c

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