Fertiliser tank mix extended

OMEX HAVE added Bayer‘s Liberator (flufenacet + diflufenican) to the list of herbicides that can be tank-mixed exclusively with its suspension and liquid fertilisers.

This latest edition has full back-to-back manufacturer approval and means over 20 different chemicals are compatible with its fertiliser products.

“More growers are now taking advantage of combining liquid and suspension fertiliser technology with their autumn herbicide regimes,” said Omex technical agronomist Andy Eccles.

He estimates 75-80% of P and K applied in the autumn to cereals and oilseed rape now includes a pre-emergence herbicide mix. This compares to 40-50% about three years ago.

“Growers recognise the need to cut input costs and the increased interest in this technique demonstrates the potential cost savings that can be achieved.”

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