Final leg at Dairy Farm

Colin Philliphs is combining wheat today (22 August) at Dairy Farm, Penhros, Monmouth, with only 24ha (60 acres) left to do.

“We were stop-start over the weekend but it’s come down to 15% moisture now, and we’re onto the last leg.

“The wheat yields have been very good, and the oilseed rape was exceptional – it was a dream rapeseed harvest,” he said.

Fashion yielded much the same as Cabernet, averaging 5.8t/ha (2.35t/acre). “I just don’t know where it was coming from; it was filling the tank so quickly it was like combining wheat.”

Diego, Invicta and Cordiale winter wheat had also been pleasing, said Mr Philliphs.

“We haven’t cut anything below 10t/ha (4t/acre) and some fields have been close to 12.4t/ha (5t/acre).”

Hendon naked oats did similarly well, at 6.8-7.4t/ha (2.8-3t/acre).

Crop: Oilseed rape
Varieties: Cabernet and Flash
Area: 50ha (125 acres)
Yield: 5.8t/ha (2.35t/acre)

Crop: Winter wheat
Varieties: Diego, Invicta and Cordiale
Yield: 10-12.4t/ha (4-5t/acre)

Crop: Naked oats
Variety: Hendon
Yield: 6.8-7.4t/ha (2.8-3t/acre)

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