Finished at Great Wilbraham Hall

Adam Horsfield has finished harvest at Great Wilbraham Hall Farm, Balsham, Cambridgeshire, and is now busy cultivating after peas.

“We haven’t done badly; once we hit the wheat we just kept going – we only got rained off once.”

Yields were not too bad, with Sakura peas performing well on virgin pea ground and Castille oilseed rape also fairly pleasing.

“There were some really surprising bits in the wheat, and other fields that we knew would be rubbish.”

Although he had not had time to upload the yield maps from the combine, Mr Horsfield knew that Warrior had done well, at up to 10-11t/ha (4-4.5t/acre).

“The Solstice did well, too, with very high protein – we got it in really early before it rained.”

As soon as he had access to accurate yields, Mr Horsfield would upload them to Fwi’s yield watch. To view graphs for yields in your area, or to upload your own yields, click here.

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