Finished harvest at Littleport

Lesley Murfitt has finished combining at Butchlands Farm, Horsley Hale, Littleport, Cambridgeshire, after an above average harvest.

“We put in 73ha of winter wheat split between Scout, Relay, Claire and Panorama, and Relay was the star performer of the year,” he said.

Winter wheat yielded an average of 9t/ha according to the combine scales, and came off at around 16% moisture.

“In the first few weeks everything went very smoothly and only the last 60t needed drying following the break in the weather,” said Mr Murfitt.

Crop facts

  • Crop: Winter wheat
  • Varieties: Scout, Relay, Claire and Panorama
  • Area: 73ha
  • Yield: 9t/ha

“Although we’ve not seen any record yields ourselves, we cut a 2.5ha block for a neighbouring farmer which was exceptional at 12.5t/ha.”  

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The 8ha of Flagon winter barley was slightly disappointing as yields matched the spring barley at 5.6t/ha.

“We can’t explain the low winter barley yields, but we would usually expect to average 7.4t/ha.

“For various reasons we won’t be putting any winter barley in for next year,” he added.

Having moved away from beans, Mr Murfitt had 8ha of PR46W21 rapeseed already in the ground and another 8ha due to go in at the weekend.

“We’re making steady progress with next year’s plans and it’s fair to say it’s been a good, above average year all round.”


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