Finished harvest near Stowmarket

Tony Pulham has finished harvest at Hugh Pulham Farms, Stowmarket, Suffolk, and is extremely pleased with yields all round.

“It’s been very good – we’ve seen some exceptional yields due to the good weather throughout the growing season,” he said.

“Unfortunately it reflects on the market price, with prices dropping like a stone.”

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Gator second wheat yielded over 10t/ha, while Mulika spring wheat had also done better than expected, at 5.56t/ha.

“We only put it in because of some very late lifted sugar beet, so I’m very happy with that.

Kielder winter wheat yielded over 11t/ha, with Leeds and Santiago not far behind at 11t/ha.

Of the winter barleys, Glacier, Cassia and Florentine averaged 9.1t/ha, while Avatar and PR46W21 oilseed rape had managed 4.84t/ha.


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