First digital edition of Crops launched with new herbicide product guide

The product guides in Crops magazine were launched nearly 20 years ago to help growers find their way through the ever-increasing number of herbicide, fungicide and growth regulator names. There are fewer products today, but the imperative to find the right product is even greater.

Last week saw the launch of the next generation of the Crops product guides in a new interactive format, enabling users to search and drill down into the detail of what each product offers.

The four exclusive interactive pages in the February Crops Digital Edition will help you analyse the strengths and weaknesses of individual cereal herbicides. Two agronomists provide an independent view on their choices through video, which is of particular value this spring with weed control set to be a major challenge.

Crops pulling out of a long, harsh winter in sodden soils will be in no fit state to fight off competition from grassweeds that evaded autumn control. Pernicious broad-leaved weeds will grow fast as warmer conditions return.

But with fewer active ingredients and herbicide resistance on the rise, selecting the right product has never been more crucial.

Users first click on whether they are targeting grassweeds, broad-leaved weeds or both.

This brings up a list of the products in that category, including details of the active ingredients, when to apply and tips on their use.

The next two pages summarise the essentials of blackgrass control. A quick visual guide offers key pointers on cultural control, active ingredient choice and resistance management, with links for more information.

So the challenge may seldom have been greater. But there’s never been more information at your fingertips to ensure you make the right choice this spring and deliver the optimum output from your crop.

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