Focus on brome control

BROME CONTROL should be made the number one priority for many wheat growers this spring, according to ProCam Agronomy.

Levels of brome infestation have shown a steady build up over recent years and last year‘s wet autumn generated good grass weed seed germination, said the firm‘s Nick Myers.

“Many people have found it too wet to achieve more than a single stale seed-bed dose of Roundup [glyphosate] which, in most cases, will have been insufficient to really knock back the brome seed reservoir.”

Mr Myers recommends using Atlantis (mesosulfuron + idosulfuron), particularly where post-emergence applications were disrupted by wet weather last autumn.

But growers looking for specific brome control should use Monitor (sulfosulfuron) or Ethos (propoxycarbazone), he suggested.

“All three herbicides have ALS sequence restrictions so they need to be planned into your spraying programme with care,” he said.

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