Focus on fungicides this season

GROWERS MUST remember the basics if they are to maximise fungicide efficiency this season, experts said.

With continued pressure on margins it will be more important than ever this season to ensure you apply the right product at the right time, said BASF‘s Tony Grayburn.

“Our recommendation is a ‘look after the basics‘ approach – remember often the most profitable growers are not the ones with the lowest input costs.”

BASF fungicide advice:

  • Avoid repeat low dose applications
  • Use recommended robust rates and timings
  • Use effective rates of non-cross resistant partner active ingredients
  • Apply early in the infection cycle to optimise disease control.

It is important to target problems early on, added Masstock technical manager Clare Bend.

“Getting in early is a good way to ensure you will manage any potential problems. That means using a T0 fungicide (Growth Stage 30) in appropriate situations.

Several new products will give growers more fungicide options this season, particularly for T1 timing, Ms Bend said.

These include Proline (prothioconazole), from Bayer and BAS 549 (epoxiconazole + boscalid) from BASF – subject to Pesticides Safety Directorate approval, she noted.

“It‘s now more important than ever to select your disease control tools carefully, and this is about more than just responsible use of fungicides.

“You need to be sure you are getting the maximum return on investment from the products you apply.”