Free training course offered to help with new rodenticide rule compliance

Growers can make use of a free, self-study training course on rodent control to help them become certified to use professional rodenticide products under new rules.

From this April new regulations for buying and using rodenticides mean farmers will now need a certificate of competence.

The rodent control hub is funded by AHDB and was developed in partnership with other industry organisations including British Poultry Council, NFU and NFUS.

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As well as a self-taught online training course, the new hub includes a downloadable AHDB guide on effective and responsible use of rodenticide bait.

Stocks of old label products will start to run out in April and professional rodenticides will only be available to farmers with certified status by this October, and it will not be possible to sell old label stock anymore.

The drive for better stewardship of rodenticides is aimed at professional pest controllers, gamekeepers and farmers and highlighting the risks associated with their use on farms.

To be able to use new “stewardship labelled” rodenticides farmers have four options:

  1. Gain a certificate from an approved training programme and awarding organisation confirming professional competence.
  2. Use a professional pest control contractor, which employs qualified technicians.
  3. Take up membership of a UK farm assurance scheme which has a structured, documented and audited programme of rodenticide pest management farmers must follow.
  4. Buy and use amateur rodenticide products – typically these are pack sizes to 1.5kg.

For more information visit the rodent control hub.