Frustration continues

Mr Whitehead cut one load of Siberia barley at a moisture content of 19% before deciding that the barley was not ready, and stopped his combines as quickly as they had started.

“It just didn‘t happen,” he said.

He has 100ha (250 acres) of barley still to harvest on the 1010ha (2,500 acre) farm.

“Usually we’re going by July 15. I’m getting frustrated by the weather.

“With the barley being late, we’re going to have to turn things around a bit quicker.

“We really need a dry night tonight and a couple of dry days.

“The casual workers are getting frustrated too; they’ve got nothing to do, so I‘ve made them paint some sheds – they want to get on”

The recent bad weather isn’t the only frustration that farmers have experienced in this area.

“The oilseed rape was a disaster – we had to destroy 80% of the crop.

“I’ve managed to keep 50 acres (20 ha) of my rape which is more than a lot of others.”

Mr Whitehead said it was the very dry spell last autumn which really had a massive impact on the crop and is the main source of blame for the failed crop.