Frustration grows in Somerset

Wet weather has prevented harvest progress for Richard Payne of Heathfield Manor Farm, Taunton.

He managed to harvest some Lioness oilseed rape so far this season which was yielding 4.4-4.6 t/ha (35-37 cwt/acre), although that was at a moisture of 15.5%

He had also cut some barley two weekends ago, but had not had the chance to harvest anymore. “The straw (left from the barley) is still lying in the fields,” he said.

He’d faced frustration this week. On at least two occasions before he had attempted to start before yet another bout of rain stopped him, “The heavens just opened,” he said.

He tried earlier within the week to get more in, but was unable to.  After he decided to attempt to harvest within the week, he faced yet another bout of bad weather.

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