FWi launches online debate on weed control

Friday’s issue of Farmers Weekly (15 September) will contain the next in our Direct Talk On… series where you get the chance to quiz experts directly: This time on all aspects of weed control, via the FWi forums.
Farmers Weekly has enlisted the help of five commercial and research specialists, namely:
David Ellerton – ProCam
David Neale – Hutchinsons
John Cussans – Rothamsted Research
James Clarke – ADAS
Ken Davies – SAC
Each has provided some stimulating and thought-provoking commentary examining the sustainability of cropping with severe grassweed infestations, coping with herbicide resistance, and the impact of the trend to minimum tillage.
They also question the need to tackle every last weed and look at the management of conservation headlands.
Friday’s feature also contains comment on each presentation from Farmers Weekly’s midlands Barometer farmer, Ben Atkinson.
So if you have a pressing problem relating to weeds that you believe could benefit from expert help, why not take the opportunity to get in first with your query on our Direct Talk on…Weeds forum?
It will cost you nothing but could save you plenty.
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