Getting on well at Corskie Farm

Iain Green is silaging at Corskie Farm, Garmouth, Morayshire, today (17 August), having been lucky to dodge Scotland’s many showers.

“Conditions have been good. It’s not too wet so not only have we got on with silage, we’ve also ploughed some land and planted stubble turnips for the cattle,” he said.

So far he had cut all 72ha of his hybrid winter barley, which did well despite some light bushel weights.

“It’s yielded about 9.2-10.1t/ha, and produced lots of straw too.”

Mr Green was now waiting for the spring barley to ripen before getting the combine out again, in another seven to 10 days.

“The spring barley looks quite good. Bushel weight was a bit light on the winter crop and probably will be on the spring too, but so far it looks well.”

Crop: Winter Barley
Area: 72ha
Yield: 9.2-10.1t/ha

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