Good organic harvest at Eastington

Richard Daniels has finished this year’s harvest at Broadfield Farm, Eastington, Gloucestershire, with a good year all round. 

“As an organic farm, we’ve had a very pleasing year from start to finish and conditions have been ideal with no disease issues,” Mr Daniels said.

Crop facts

  • Crop: Spring barley
  • Variety: Westminster
  • Area: 182ha
  • Yield: 4.9t/ha

The 182ha of Westminster spring barley yielded well at 4.9t/ha, coming off at between 14% and 17% moisture.

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“The quality was good and it was nice to be able to put everything straight into the shed.”
The 105ha of spring oats yielded around 4.9t/ha.

“Again, it was cut dry at around 14-18% moisture. The quality was good and as with the barley, the straw was excellent,” he added.

Mr Daniels had undersown this year’s crops with clover and was delighted with the outcome.

“Everything has come out perfectly and the sheep are happily out in the fields now that the combine’s been put through.”

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