Growers flag up emerging brown rust and phoma in crops

While the recent frosty weather has been a boon to growers looking for help from the elements to control disease, some are still seeing early signs of trouble in wheat and oilseed rape.

Farmers Weekly recently reported that yellow rust has been found in wheat in the north-east and now brown rust has followed further south in the variety Crusoe, a variety known to be susceptible to the disease with a resistance score of 4.

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Here’s a round-up of what farmers and agronomists around the country have been reporting in their crops.

Oilseed rape growers should be on the lookout for phoma, with multiple reports of the common disease from different agronomists around the country.

However, the problems are far from widespread at this stage and many growers are very pleased with how crops have established after an autumn where establishment conditions have been near-perfect.

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