Growers offered thousands of pounds to run on-farm trials

Rothamsted Research is offering up to £3,000 and access to its experts and facilities to seven growers looking to run their own trials on their farms.

The FarmInn scheme, which is part funded by AHDB, aims to support growers to test their potential solutions to increase the efficiency, productivity or sustainability of farm businesses.

Farmers are invited to submit their idea via an application form, and around seven successful projects will be chosen by a panel of Rothamsted staff.

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Project leader Dr Ian Shield said: “We all know the problems the industry faces, but no one is more acutely aware than farmers themselves.

“To tackle these challenges, farmers need new knowledge that can be implemented in the field.

“FarmInn gives them a chance to find solutions to the things that matter most to the agricultural community.”

Expert help

Alongside funding to cover the eligible costs of running the trial, each successful grower will be assigned a Rothamsted scientist to help them produce a project plan.

FarmInn will also work closely with the Innovative Farmers scheme, with some of the Innovative Farmers scheme field labs expected to be scaled up through FarmInn.

Likewise, some FarmInn applications may be referred to Innovative Farmers to first test the concept.

Results from successful FarmInn projects will be presented via on-farm demonstrations, websites and social media, as well as at an annual conference to ensure proven solutions can be implemented on farms throughout the country.

The application form can be downloaded from the Rothamsted website.

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