A guide to the key new varieties at Cereals 2015

The variety plots are a key feature of the Cereals event and this year sees 26 newly recommended varieties, as well as candidates pushing yields even higher.

Following the success of Skyfall, RAGT Seeds is showing another quality wheat that is about to hit the market.

Candidate variety Illustrious has good baking consistency at a range of different protein contents, performing equally or better than the control Solstice over several years, says the company.

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The variety’s yield challenges Skyfall, and it has excellent disease resistance as well as the Pch1 eyespot resistance gene.

Also on display is list newcomer Planet, the highest-yielding variety on the list with a treated yield of 109%. It is approved for distilling and is being tested for malting.


Nikita from Limagrain is a conventional oilseed rape candidate variety, with a gross output of 110% on the HGCA East/West list and 114% in the North. It has a light leaf spot rating of 8, short stiff stems and very good lodging resistance.

Britannia, which joined the current Recommended List (RL) last December, is the highest-yielding Group 3 biscuit wheat. The variety is moderately stiff strawed and has an 8 for yellow rust and a 6 for Septoria tritici, plus good grain quality, says Limagrain.


Reflection, the hard Group 4 winter feed wheat from Syngenta, makes its first appearance at Cereals since taking the top slot. The variety combines high yield, early maturity and stiff straw, and is resistant to orange wheat blossom midge.

Syngenta is also featuring high-yielding Hyvido hybrid barley candidates Bazooka and Belfry.


A potential new Group 4 winter wheat Belgrade from Saaten Union will be featured by Elsoms, which combines early maturity with a high yield and strong disease resistance.

There will also be two new hybrid rye varieties for the energy crop sector, Cossani and Performer.

In addition, hybrid wheats suited to more marginal soils or stressy crop situations include Hybery, a potential quality wheat, and Hylux, a very early-maturing variety whose extremely vigorous and robust characters suit late sowing.


New Group 4 hard feed wheat Costello can be seen on Senova’s stand. It has good grain quality and very strong agronomic characteristics, including a very high specific weight (80.5kg/hl). Short and stiff, Costello also offers excellent disease resistance.


KWS is giving top billing to its new wheats, Lili and Trinity. At 102%, Trinity is a top yielder, but with better all-round disease scores than other Group 1 varieties and the highest Hagberg of all bread-making varieties on the current RL, says the company.

Group 2 variety KWS Lili is a consistent yielder that suits a wide range of markets, including UKP export, but with a yield that is only 2% off the pace of the highest-yielding feed wheat.

Three new conventional oilseed rape varieties feature on KWS’ stand. Two, Picto and Campus, sit as the best gross output conventionals on the East and West RL, and the third, Barbados, is setting the pace for this year’s candidate varieties. It has a good disease resistance combination with an 8 for phoma and 7 for light leaf spot.

DuPont Pioneer

DuPont Pioneer is launching four new winter oilseed rape hybrids to add to its range of OSR varieties – a Maximus semi-dwarf hybrid, a normal structure Clearfield hybrid and two normal structure hybrids.

Bayer CropScience

Finally, Bayer’s newly recommended oilseed rape Fencer will be which the company points out is an exceptionally vigorous hybrid with inherent sowing date flexibility and the resilience to perform when conditions get tough. Its consistently high gross output is driven by market-leading oil content.

Visitors will also see the first UK variety coming from Bayer’s InVigor development pipeline. Currently in second year National List trials, InV 1030 offers good phoma and light leaf spot resistance.

Cereals takes place on 10 and 11 June, at Boothby Graffoe, Lincolnshire. Tickets cost £24 each (£20 for students) and are available at www.cerealsevent.co.uk

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