Habitat targets for Eastern areas

SIX EASTERN counties will be set their own targets for priority habitats in a unique project announced by the East of England Biodiversity Forum.

Under the project seven habitat targets have been identified, which are considered key areas for meeting the UK‘s Biodiversity Action Plan objectives.

“By reviewing the targets, the forum has been able to blend national vision with local aspiration to provide a practical, measurable plan,” said Paul Wilkinson, East of England Biodiversity Forum chairman.

The regional targets cover a range of habitats, from arable land to reed beds and could result in the addition of 200km of hedgerows and 3,000ha of woodland, experts said.

By allowing local authorities to plan biodiversity targets on a regional level, the forum hopes this will make it more straightforward for landowners to assess their own contribution to supporting regional wildlife.

Details of the regional targets can be found at www.eastspace.net/biodiversity

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