Harvest 2015: 50% of winter barley and 35% of oilseed rape now harvested

Half of the winter barley crop is now harvested in the UK along with 35% of oilseed rape, and both are yielding above long-term national averages.

Some 10% of the national combinable crop area had been cut by 4 August, according to crop scientists group Adas.

It estimates yields of winter barleys at 7.1-7.3t/ha – a 9-12% rise over the 10-year average of 6.5t/ha.

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Quality has generally been good with high average specific weights (67kg/hl), low grain nitrogen (1.4%) and low levels of screenings, according to data, with a bias toward the South and East, where earlier crops were cut.

Oilseed rape yields are estimated at 3.5-3.7t/ha compared with a 10-year average of 3.4t/ha, with oil contents at 43-46%.

Adas estimates that only about 1% of the winter wheat crop has been cut and less than 1% of the spring barley crop harvested by 4 August.

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