Harvest delight at Stapleford

Stephen Moore is delighted with harvest progress at Manor Farm, Stapleford, Wiltshire, having finished oilseed rape and winter barley already.

“We’re making a start on Gallant milling wheat today (25 July) – I’ve rubbed some out and it looks good,” he said.

The Venture winter barley had yielded almost 8.6t/ha as a second cereal, although the bushel weight was rather disappointing at 64kg/hl.

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HOLL rapeseed variety V275 yielded a reasonable 3.7t/ha, with Advance matching that and Excellium exceeding 4.3t/ha.

“We’re quite happy with that. It’s been an early harvest with very little drying cost, so it has to be good,” said Mr Moore.

“But the difficulty is the price – we sold some rape at £280/t but the rest is at today’s price, which isn’t so clever.”

The 28ha of grass seed, in its second year, had yielded just as well as the first year crop, which was a pleasant surprise, he added. “You’d normally expect quite a bit drop.”

Oilseed rape crop facts
Variety: V275
Area: 81ha
Yield: 3.7t/ha
Variety: Advance
Area: 19ha
Yield: 3.7t/ha
Variety: Excellium
Area: 36ha
Yield: 4.3t/ha

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