Harvest Highlights: Hopes rise in east

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BARLEY QUALITY in eastern counties is generally looking better than many Harvest Highlights reports yesterday (July 19) suggested.

Yields have generally been good, and several growers are expecting crops to meet malting quality.

Lincolnshire farmer Chris Hewis told us that the hot weather did not affect the quality of the crop.” His Pearl barley nitrogen levels of 1.65 to 1.8 were suitable for malting.

Ian Savage’s Sequel winter barley showed “very good results”. The crop yielded 9t/ha and produced a “very nice” bushel weight of 68kg/hl.

Carat winter barley averaged a bushel weight of 70kg/hl which he was also pleased with.

Pearl Barley nitrogen levels were 1.45-1.75% for Sarah Kerkhan in Norfolk, and the crop was “a good quality”.

Despite noting some small screening issues, she was “happy with the crop”.

Things are also pointing towards a potentially good harvest in the west, providing the weather stays ok.

Philip Gorringe in Herefordshire was “hopeful for a bumper year this year”, with winter barley “looking good”. He was also “particularly hopeful” for Saffron. He said: “Weather permitting things should be ok.”

Oilseed rape in Herefordshire is “looking well and has good potential,” added Peter Bawn.

Despite the lack of rain, Mr Bawn said: “The crops seem to be hanging on remarkably well at the moment.”

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