Harvest Highlights: Scots wheat success

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SCOTTISH WHEAT yields are slightly up on last year, according to latest reports.

While there is some variation, as occurred further south, most are pleased with progress so far and report generally reasonable quality.

Scottish farmer Jim Macfarlane is a third of his way through 107ha of wheat, with Robigus performing very well at 12t/ha and Consort at 10.5t/ha. He said crops suffered from sprouting last year and so things are “on a different planet” this year.

FARMERS WEEKLY Farmer Focus writer John Jeffrey in the Scottish Borders said 20% of 172ha of winter wheat remains to be cut with yields averaging a good 8.75t/ha. He said this is slightly up on last year with Claire and Malacca doing particularly well.

But, Consort was disappointing, he added: “It just didn’t do as well. It’s a later variety.”

In contrast, Peter Bawn in Herefordshire said yields were very variable – notably Robigus at 9 – 11.2t/ha. Lack of moisture means they are down 10 – 15% on last year. He plans to grow more break crops next season in preparation for big wheat acreage the following season.

Kent farmer John Beslee also found dry weather in June caused variable yields, with most down 1.25t/ha on last year. Hereward averaged 6.25t/ha, Solstice 7.5t/ha and Cordial just under 7.5t/ha.

He said he cannot break even with the low yields: “Considering prices where they are, we can’t afford to grow next year.”

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