Harvest just getting started in Northern Ireland

“Harvest has not really happened here, we’re just getting started,” said Gerald Erwin from Nutts Corner, Crumlin.

So far, yields had been “reasonably good” for both spring barley and winter wheat.

Twenty hectares (50acres) of Kirsty and Westminster spring barley yielded 7.5-8.1t/ha (3-3.25t/acre), and 20ha of Robigus winter wheat averaged 6.75-8.75t/ha (2.7-3.5t/acre).

Quality had been good on both the wheat and the spring barley and was all to go for cattle feed on the farm. He said the crops all had “good and big” grain, so he was pleased.

“The big problem has been moisture – most of the crop has not been dry enough to cut.”

Mr Erwin said harvest was going slowly in the area, having only had two days combining in the past three weeks due to rain.

“We should have been harvesting earlier, but not much spring barley has been cut due to the weather. We’re just hoping to get back into it this weekend. We have heard some crops have started to lodge but our biggest problem will be getting the moisture levels lower.”

• Crop: Winter wheat
• Variety: Robigus
• Area: 20ha (50acres)
• Yield: 6.75-8.75t/ha (2.7-3.5t/acre)

• Crop: Spring barley
• Variety: Kirsty and Westminster
• Area: 20ha (50 acres)
• Yield: 7.5-8.1t/ha (3-3.25t/acre)

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