Harvest progress ahead of average

Harvest progress is ahead of the five-year average, despite wet weather continuing to affect the South and East regions.

Drier weather in the Midlands and North-East had enabled farmers to combine a lot over the past week, with around two-thirds of the combinable crop harvest now in the barn, said a report by HGCA.

Wheat harvest was 70% complete by Tuesday (23 August), with later crops producing better yields and boosting the average to 7.5-7.7t/ha (3-3.1t/acre), 3% below the five-year mean.

Quality was good at 79-80kg/hl, 270-300 Hagberg and 12.1-13.8% protein, with most milling wheat now in the barn.

Winter barley harvest was 99% done, with good Scottish yields lifting the average to 6-6.2t/ha (2.4-2.5t/acre), 5-8% below the mean.

“Many malting samples have slightly high nitrogen contents, particularly those from light land where yields were lower, with the UK average between 1.6 and 2%.”

Farmers had cut a quarter of their spring barley in Scotland, with 45% of the UK crop now harvested at an average yield of 5.1-5.3t/ha (2-2.1t/acre) – close to the mean.

“Quality of Scottish samples is good, with grain nitrogen contents of 1.4-1.5%, compared to an average of 1.7-1.9% for English crops.”

The oilseed rape harvest was 95% done, with winter yields 15% above the combined winter and spring OSR average, at 3.5-3.7t/ha (1.4-1.5t/acre).

All regions had enjoyed good yields, and oil contents were pegged at 44-46%, said the report.

Oat yields were also above average, at 6-6.2t/ha (2.4-2.5t/acre), with 60% of the crop now cut.

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