Harvest 2020: Winter barley down nearly 1t/ha in AHDB plots

The first results from the AHDB variety trials are showing winter barley yields are down nearly 1t/ha on the five-year mean.

Results from four sites spanning Yorkshire to Hampshire are revealing the true cost of a challenging season, with a mean yield of 8.82t/ha.

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This is 0.95t/ha down on the five-year mean, in a season that has put all varieties under pressure.

AHDB also highlights the huge regional variations, reflecting how some regions suffered more in the extreme season.

“The Hampshire site produced a healthy average yield of 10.78t/ha, while the Lincolnshire site only averaged 6.84t/ha.” it said.


While there is information from only four sites, Kingsbarn is the top performer at 108% so far for 2020.

This is followed by fellow hybrids Baracooda and Belfry at 107%. The top performing conventional two-row is Mountain which is currently averaging 106%.

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