Harvest 2023: The 5 top-yielding spring barley varieties map

Throughout harvest 2023, we are updating our handy map with the latest data from 2023’s AHDB spring barley Recommended List harvest results.

Use the map below to find the five highest-yielding spring barley varieties at your nearest trials site.

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Spring barley summary

Harvest results from all the valid AHDB Recommended Lists spring barley trials sites have reported, with the control yield finishing at just 7.43 t/ha, well below the five-year average of 7.83 t/ha.


Variety summary

Three varieties have finished on 103% of controls in the fungicide-treated trials, newly recommended malting variety Signet, Firefoxx and the newly recommended feed variety Hurler. Signet and Firefoxx have outperformed their five-year average in this difficult year.

Sitting just behind these on 102% is Laureate, with a group of newly recommended malting varieties; Diviner, Sun King and Curtis on 101%, along with Skyway and Florence. All these varieties except Curtis have underperformed their five-year average in 2023.

Florence is no longer under test for brewing by the MBC and will need to prove itself as a feed variety to remain on the Recommended List. The other recommended varieties have all finished within one percent of their five year average.

In the fungicide-untreated trials Sun King has finished as the top performer in 2023 at 109% of controls, well above its five-year average. Laureate is second highest yielding on 106% also well above its five-year average, with Florence on 104% and Diviner on 102%.

Newly recommended feed variety Hurler is on 101% along with Firefoxx and the described null-lox variety CB score. Other newly recommended varieties are Curtis on 100% and Signet, on 99%, some way behind its five-year average.

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