Harvesting vining peas in Norfolk

Aylsham growers have been busy harvesting vining peas in Norfolk, and initial yields look reasonable, according to farmer and haulier Peter Seaman.

“So far the co-operative has cut about 1820ha, and quality is very good. We’re about where we’d expect to be at this time,” he said.

“We’re very pleased but we won’t know final yields until it’s all finished and allocated.”

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Mr Seaman had also cut 162ha of winter barley on a contract farm, and all the oilseed rape at his own Edgefield Shrubbs Farm, Thursford.

“We’re well pleased – the oilseed rape has done 4.6t/ha over a weighbridge, and the winter barley has done about 7.4t/ha, although that hasn’t been weighed yet,” he said.

“They’re just getting the straw off now, and finishing up the oilseed rape.”