Hawk nozzle update is providing better control

The updated Hawk nozzle was stepping up control of blackgrass over the previous model – itself an improvement over a standard 200 litres/ha flat fan – at Agrovista’s blackgrass trials site at Maidwell.

“Application can make a lot of difference to the end result,” technical manager Mark Hemmant said.

“You can chase the odd few percent control with different treatments, but application is just as important a part of getting consistent performance.”

In the trial, Hawk (clodinafop-propargyl + trifluralin) plus the adjuvant Galion was applied using different nozzles to plots with a quad-bike system replicating commercial practice, following a pre-emergence spray.

Without an Atlantis overspray the new Hawk nozzles gave 86% control compared with 50-65% control with the other nozzles, Mr Hemmant said.

“Where Atlantis was applied, the 200 litres/ha flat fan left 24 heads per sq m compared with just three with the new Hawk nozzle.”