Healthier OSR options expand

CONTINENTAL DEMAND for the oil from Nexera oilseed rape is set to grow and UK growers are getting ready to meet it, according to Dow AgroSciences.

Natreon oil from the variety has more oleic and less linolenic acid than conventional double-low oilseed rape.

In Germany a bottled cold-pressed frying oil based on it has been launched, and Denmark is about to follow suit, noted the firm.

Produced from organically grown Nexera, the product needs no hydrogenation and so has good shelf life.

In France, a major fast food outlet is said to have switched to cooking with oil from high oleic acid rape.

The message that it is a healthier, more stable alternative to traditional double-low oilseed rape is beginning to be absorbed by food markets, said Tim Hancock, DA manager for Natreon in Europe.

“Those launching new Natreon-based products are looking to the UK to supply them.”

United Oilseeds, which sells and supports the spring variety Nexera 160 in the UK, reports strong interest.

The chance to be part of a new market attracts some growers, but so does the firm‘s guaranteed minimum premium offer, said commercial manager Ian Munnery.

“Since we launched the variety we have seen it as an opportunity to take the lead in Europe in supplying Natreon oil. Our expectations are being rewarded as these initiatives begin to unfold.”