Helicopter tour photos capture wheat disease trial sites

Intrepid Farmers Weekly reporter Adam Clarke took to the skies in the Crop Doctor helicopter last week. He joined the expert team monitoring wheat disease levels in UK trial sites around England.

See photos from the tour, organised by Bayer CropScience, taken both from the sky and on the ground.

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Farmers Weekly arable reporter Adam Clarke climbs aboard

Reporter Adam Clarke on board the Crop Doctor helicopter

There was plenty of field work taking place below as the Crop Doctor helicopter flew from site to site, including this John Deere tractor and drill

Bird's eye view of John Deer tractor and drill at work

Spring seed-bed preparations are in full swing for grower David Hoyles at Long Sutton, Lincolnshire


A power harrow works down some ploughed ground……Not very efficient driving in circles!

Power harrow working ploughed ground

Solar farm situated just north of Swindon, Wiltshire

Bird's eye view of solar farm north of Swindon, Wiltshire

The helicoptor coming in to land at Stockbridge Technology Centre, Cawood, Yorkshire

View from helicopter window of crops

The trial site at Callow, Herefordshire, had the highest septoria pressure in the trial plots, with T0 fungicide being applied in the distance

Trial plots

Timelapse cameras monitoring fungicide treated and untreated wheat plots at Callow, Herefordshire

Timelapse cameras monitoring fungicide

The Crop Doctor helicopter touches down at Hinton Waldrist, Oxfordshire

Helicopter landing in field

Crop Doctor experts search for disease in wheat plots at Stockbridge Technology Centre, Yorkshire

Crop Doctor experts search for disease in wheat plots

Early signs of the stem-based wheat disease eyespot were present in Herefordshire and Lincolnshire

Early signs of the stem-based wheat disease eyespot

The early signs of septoria could be found on wheat leaves across the country

The early signs of septoria