Herefordshire crops “not thick enough”

Philip Gorringe on Lower Blakemere Farm, Herefordshire, said barley yields were “not tragic but disappointing”. The crop was not thick enough due to the cold, dry spring. Saffron cut at 8.25t/ha but the rest of the crop averaged 6.9t/ha.

He said quality seemed to be all right, with the entire crop grown for seed and sold on contract.

Wheat was getting riper, although he was worried the crop was not thicker for the same reason as the barley. “It’s a few days before we’ll start cutting wheat, the other crops are more pressing at the moment.”

With half the grass seed cut and the peas almost ready, he said things were going very well.

“But I’m weary because some people have said their reasonable looking pea crops have not yielded well. I’m hoping ours possibly look good.”

The weather in Herefordshire was brighter today after some rain, and he expected to move on this afternoon.

He added: “We’re just on hold at the moment because the combine is broken but it will be repaired shortly, so we’re getting on quietly.”

Crop: Barley
Variety: Saffron
Yield: 6.9t/ha barley average (8.25t/ha for Saffron)
Area: N/A
Quality: N/A

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