Hopes for a good harvest in Bristol

Combines were all “ready to go” for Chris Vowles in Barrow Gurney, Bristol. He said the crops were all still in the field, and were not quite ripe on Sunday (July 16), so expected to start cutting by Monday (July 24).

He hoped winter barley yields would be a “better than average” 6.25 – 7.25t/ha considering they had not been affected so much by the hot weather. “We’ve been very lucky with rainfall in the area and have had several nice days, so the crops should be alright.”

His agronomist told him the winter wheat was looking fine in the field. Few crops had been cut in the village: “Only a few bits have been done. Most people are in the same situation.” Hopes were only for crop prices to go up.

While enjoying a day at the seaside, Mr Vowles added: “I don’t like to start too early. There isn’t so much to do, so I can leave it a day or two later.”

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