JAU judged OK at last

CEREAL TRIAZOLE fungicide JAU has finally been recommended for approval by the UK authorities.

The Advisory Committee on Pesticides also recommended the new active prothioconazole, from Bayer CropScience, be considered for Annex 1 listing in the EU registration process.

Bayer said it hoped UK Approval would be confirmed during August 2004, in time for foliar spray and seed treatment formulations in spring and summer 2005.

The recent ACP decision follows its request in January 2004 for more data on the triazole.

This upset Bayer‘s hopes for a 2004 release, and for an early launch with the company‘s new strobilurin fungicide fluoxastrobin.

The strob, coded HEC, received registration early in 2004 and will only be sold in combination with prothioconazole.

Prothioconazole belongs to a new class of azoles called triazolinthiones, which combine protectant and curative activity, said Bayer combinable crop product manager Alison Daniels.

“Prothioconazole is particularly suited for early foliar application in winter wheat,” she added.