‘Joined up’ innovations in machinery and agronomy are gathering pace

Look around at some of the technology on offer in spraying, drilling, crop protection and seeds, and you can see that “joined up” thinking in these areas is gathering pace.

Alongside field mapping, variable rate spraying and variable rate drilling are the new big things.

By linking these types of innovations to the way we use crop protection and varieties, there are potentially big benefits – whether agronomic, for the environment, or savings in costs.

Moreover, exploring these benefits is something Syngenta is already doing.

As part of our evaluations, we’ve already shown how, by moving from a lower seed rate of the popular wheat variety Gallant, combined with a standard dose of a Defy tank mix, to a higher seed rate and a higher dose, control of blackgrass was increased from 74% to an impressive 96%. That was without a post-emergence herbicide being applied.

By using variable rate sprayers and drills in conjunction with these types of results, it’s possible to envisage scenarios where whole fields could be treated with standard seed and herbicide rates, but in the worst parts, within label constraints, one or both could be increased – for targeted improvements in control.

Around 50 of the latest sprayers will be on display at Syngenta Sprays & Sprayers, and our progress in this area will be shown on our stand right next door.

So in the space of a few metres you’ll be able to see how machinery, chemistry and seeds can work together to deliver even better results.

Exciting times!

Tom Robinson, application specialist, Syngenta

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  • Bateman Engineering: SS110
  • Berthoud Sprayers: SS120
  • Chafer Machinery: SS117
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