Kent oilseed rape yields ok

Oilseed rape harvest has finished for Jonathon Tipples of Reed Court Farm, Marden in Kent.

He managed to get all of his 48ha (120 acres) of Expert oilseed rape cut, despite the catchy weather.

The rain meant crops came in at 13.5% moisture content, but he managed to get this down to 7.8%. Yields were about average at 3.75- 4 t/ha (1.5-1.6 t/acre), with 42-43% oil content.

Mr Tipples said that oilseed rape crops around the Romney Marsh area had been severely damaged by hail and he had heard that there could be around 5000 acres (2000ha) damaged.

Mr Tipples was not very optimistic about his Einstein winter wheat, as it looked “a bit tacky”. With more rain forecast, he added “that’s the last thing we want, we’re just desperate for the summer now.”

• Crop: Oilseed rape
• Variety: Expert
• Area: 48ha
• Yield: 3.75 – 4t/ha
• Quality:42-43% oil content

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