Key label changes: tight restrictions on pyrethroid insecticide

A tightening of the leash on the use of a common pyrethroid insecticide is highlighted this month, with a new approval of the cypermethrin-containing product Permasect C.

The existing approval continues to be valid and on sale, which makes it all the more important that users are aware of the two approvals to ensure that they are using each product in accordance with the label.

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Changes include an increased aquatic buffer zone and a non-target arthropod buffer zone adjacent to non-crop land extended to all crops, not just cereals. In effect, growers won’t be able to spray 5m from un-cropped land next to a field margin, unless it has a watercourse, in which case it is 18m.

There are also tweaks to maximum number of treatments and harvest intervals for some crops – these are likely to be common as insecticides in particular are reviewed. 


Permasect C



Active ingredient(s)


Old Mapp number


New Mapp number


Label changes

  • Now a maximum of two treatments per crop for ALL crops.
  • If applicable, harvest intervals now specified in days only.
  • Moved from a Lerap A 5m non-reducible to an 18m drift reduction technology (DRT) non-reducible aquatic buffer zone.
  • A 5m non-target arthropod buffer zone extended to all crops.

Use up date

  • Sold through distributors until 31 December 2020
  • Use or dispose of by 31 December 2021

Sentinel says

“This is a good example of the Sustainable Use Directive – designed to encourage safe and responsible use of pesticides – affecting the practicalities of crop protection. Growers need to take extreme care to observe these new label requirements in the future.”

Pesticide watch

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