Low milling quality for Kent Solstice

John Beslee at Hook Green Farm, Southfleet, planned to cut the last 16ha of 81ha (40 of 200 acres) of Solstice winter wheat today and hoped to be finished by tomorrow.

He expected yields to average 7.4 t/ha (3 t/acre) and said the sample proved to be of low milling quality.

Mr Beslee had finished 32ha (80 acres) of Splendor oilseed rape and with good quality, said yields reached 3 t/ha (24cwt)

He had 32ha (80 acres) of Tipple spring barley to do and would start it after a week’s fine weather. He said it looked flat because of the wet weather, and that the straw looked green. “Ears on the standing straws look fine, but ears near the ground look shrivelled,” he added.

Mr Beslee thought harvest progress was reasonable, although he was 20% behind where he would be in a normal year. “We’ve been fortunate where we are, with the weather.”

The dry April had affected wheat yields worst and the wet July had flattened barley, he said. “I’m happy the prices are up, but unhappy with yields”

Completed harvest
• Crop: Oilseed Rape
• Variety: Splendour
• Area: 32ha
• Yield: 3 t/ha

• Crop: Winter wheat
• Variety: Solstice
• Area: 65ha
• Yield: expected 7.4 t/ha

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