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Making smart choices with sugar beet

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KWS is one of the world's leading plant breeding companies combining 165 years of heritage with leading edge technology and a commitment to develop and deliver varieties with the best yields, disease resistance, physical traits and resistance to abiotic stress.

Across the UK farmers face multiple challenges, ranging from seed shortages to some of the most diverse climate conditions faced for several years with variable spring weather making weed control more challenging.

Making smart choices with establishing a clean beet field is essential to getting the best from your sugar beet crop. Our CONVISO® SMART system and associated stewardship programme empowers growers to make smart decisions.


The CONVISO® SMART system innovates the control of weeds in sugar beet. This innovative weed control system is based on two components: classically bred herbicide tolerant sugar beet varieties from KWS, and the dedicated herbicide developed by Bayer.  

A unique weed control performance combined with best crop safety provide a professional tool for innovative and foresighted farmers.

The introduction of a new mode of action in sugar beet weed control is fundamental to the performance of CONVISO® SMART with outstanding contact and leading residual activity on offer.

The CONVISO® SMART benefits for your farm

Unique control – CONVISO® SMART offers growers a unique weed control performance combined with the best crop safety. Benefits include a broad weed control spectrum of both broad-leaf and grass weeds.

In addition, it also supports the harder to fight weeds such as fool’s parsley, volunteer rape, cleavers, fat hen and a broad range of sensitive grasses, including sensitive blackgrass.

This results in the excellent crop safety, with no impact on crop development.

Comparison of untreated and treated crops


Convincing convenience – CONVISO® SMART offers higher flexibility in weed control combined with less applications needed. Saving you time during the application process removing the need for three, four or five applications of conventional herbicides.

Higher Productivity – Offering you a higher level of productivity, CONVISO® SMART simplifies weed management and supports sustainable farming saving you time and the need for spraying capacity.

It does this by utilising the full yield potential of SMART KWS seeds and the requirement of less applications, a more sustainable sugar beet cultivation and may lead to a reduction of active substances and CO2 released into the environment.

Simple steps to get the best from your crop

Man assesing crops


To maintain the sustainability of the CONVISO® SMART system the implementation and execution of an integrated stewardship plan is essential.

With this in mind, users and advisors should follow the three core stewardship principles to get the best results from the CONVISO® SMART weed control system for sugar beet:

  • To prevent seed return – minimising the weed seed bank 
  • To protect the mode of action – retaining the use of the active ingredients
  • To ensure accurate use of the system – reducing resistance risk

What should I do to get the best from my CONVISO® SMART crop?


Traceability of CONVISO® SMART sugar beet

Record the location and variety to ensure the crop can be managed effectively (e.g. correct herbicide applications, following crop choice etc.)

Control of bolters and groundkeepers

Prevention of beet seed return to prevent herbicide tolerant weed beet in following crops

Correct use of CONVISO®One herbicide

Following the label recommendations to maximise the efficacy of CONVISO® SMART i.e. the only permitted application is 1 x 1.0 L/ha

Actions to minimise risk of weed resistance

CONVISO® SMART should be used as a weed control tool across the whole rotation along with other control methods to reduce resistance risk (e.g. choice of rotation, alternative modes of Action etc.).

Keep sufficient records

Record actions taken to demonstrate responsible use of CONVISO® SMART – particularly the points above


Would you like to know more?

To find out more about the CONVISO® Stewardship programme you can contact your local KWS consultant for more information.

Our consultants will be happy to advise you on your KWS sugar beet crops, the CONVISO® SMART system and our CONVISO® Stewardship Programme.

You can also visit our website where you can find helpful guides about how to handle KWS SMART seed and CONVISO® ONE applications.


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Function: Country Manager Sugar Beet UK

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