Mark Ireland got rained off twice yesterday (13 August)

Mark Ireland got rained off twice yesterday (13 August), but was still almost 70% through his spring barley at Grange Farm, Sleaford, Lincs.


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“I’ve never known it as frustrating,” he said. “Last year was bad enough but we’d finished harvest this time last year.”

Mr Ireland had cut 324ha (800 acres) of Tipple and Quench, with above average yields of 6.7t/ha (2.7t/acre).

He had finished the winter barley and rape, both of which produced above average yields of 7.4t/ha (3t/acre) and 3.8t/ha (1.55t/acre), respectively.

He now had 162ha (400 acres) of spring barley to finish before moving on to the 243ha (600 acres) of Cordiale and Oakley winter wheat. As soon as the moisture content was down to 18.5% he was cutting at every opportunity.

Crop: Spring barley
Variety: Tipple
Area: 312ha (770 acres)
Yield: 6.7t/ha (2.7t/acre)

Variety: Quench
Area: 16ha (40 acres)
Yield: 6.7t/ha (2.7t/acre)

Crop: Winter barley
Varieties: Flagon and Wintmalt
Area: 324ha (800 acres)
Yield: <7.4t/ha (3t/acre)

Crop: Oilseed rape
Varieties: Castille and Excalibur
Area: 142ha (350 acres)
Yield: 3.8t/ha (1.55t/acre)

Crop: Winter wheat
Varieties: Cordiale and Oakley
Area: 243ha (600 acres)



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