Martin Lawrenson views new sprayer at LAMMA

It is that time of year again when we journey across the hills to visit another world of amazement and wonder, otherwise known as LAMMA.

After battling past numerous obstacles such as freezing fog, traffic jams and the Yorkshire border, we arrived in a frenzy of anticipation to see what was new and exciting in the world of farming. When we finally got into the show, it felt as if we had been hit by a shrinking ray as everything certainly seemed to be bigger than back home. The machinery on show was impressive to say the least, although much of it would be impractical on our farm.

We especially wanted to see the exhibition of a new Landquip sprayer, as we bought the same model back in October. It looked impressive with its booms extended, even though it was probably the smallest sprayer on the stand. With crop protection being one of our biggest costs, accurate and timely applications are essential and, hopefully, the new sprayer will help us achieve this.

The rest of the show was excellent as usual, and it must now be regarded as one of the best shows of the year. After finally getting around all of the show, we left and made our weary way home laden with leaflets, pens and even a woolly hat, which I gave to my son, William. He was well chuffed and even slept in it that night. His uncle Stuart, who has a couple of John Deere dealerships, may not have been too impressed though because the hat was from Massey Ferguson.

As we crossed the Pennines back into Lancashire, we hit the fog and the frost again, which meant we had to be nearly home.

Farmer Focus Arable: Martin Lawrenson

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