Micron Sprayers plan launch of Varidome controller

Micron Sprayers is planning to launch its Varidome controller, as well as highlighting a wide range of novel hand held and tractor mounted spraying equipment on their Cereals 2010 stand.

The Micron Varidome is a shrouded, low-volume, inter-row CDA sprayer for removing weeds growing in between row crops (eg volunteer potatoes in carrots, onions, leeks, parsnips, etc.) or other crops such as maize. In fact it can be used anywhere the row spacing is between 80mm and 800mm.

The Varidome sprayer uses individual Vegedome units which allow variable width spray patterns. Standard units are available to suit either a single bed or three beds per pass but units can be custom built to individual requirements.

The Vegedome is specifically designed to apply droplets in a vertical plane spray pattern and thus features vertically profiled (high with narrow width) covered spray heads.

Enviromist low volume CDA sprayers have been used for inter-row weed control in UK top and soft fruit for several years, particularly in crops such as strawberries, where growers appreciate the low volumes of application (which gives high work rates) and their almost total elimination of the risk of spray drift. Volume application rates are usually 20-40 litres/ha although these can be varied.

The Vegedomes used in the Varidome features Micron Controlled Droplet Application (CDA) spinning disc rotary atomisers to produce optimum sized spray droplets for maximum spraying efficiency.

Enviromist’s control system allows for flow monitoring of each individual spray head as well as a light indicator to monitor the working of the spray head motor.

WeedSwiper: Unique non-drip weed wiping

The WeedSwiper is a unique method of eliminating weeds in susceptible crops. The unit is extremely versatile and can be tractor mounted or used with our optional trailer and towed behind eg quad bike, etc. The secret of successful weed control at minimal cost with a wiper is reliable and accurate control of pad wetness – the pad must be saturated for a good transfer of herbicide, but not dripping.

Only the WeedSwiper with its hydrostat electronic control system can automatically keep the pad at the correct saturation level regardless of travel speed or the density of targets.

The hydrostat works rather like a thermostat. A thermostat regulates room temperature by switching a heater on and off in response to temperature changes in the room. The hydrostat regulates the supply of herbicides to the pad by switching a pump on and off in response to changes in the amount of herbicide in the pad. The pad is always saturated for a good transfer of herbicide, but it never gets so wet that it drips. You don’t waste time or herbicide and you don’t damage desired under-storey plants.

The WeedSwiper’s core technology (the combination of hydrostat electronic control system, sensors and the R12 synthetic pad material) can be carried on a range of mechanical configurations which are limited only by the imagination of the designer and the cost of construction.

Hydrostat Control Box

• Efficient automatic control of herbicide flow to the pad

• Environmentally safe due to unique non-drip feature

• Supplied with pad covers to prevent unintentional contamination and ensure operator safety

• Proven technology – 30 years successful use in Australia and New Zealand

• Economical – only uses herbicide when in contact with the weed species

Micron joins forces with Enviromist

Micron Sprayers has joined with Enviromist Industries of Australia to extend the range of products offered by Micron, to co-operate more closely in product development and to provide better sales and technical support to customers and distributors in the European market. This cements a long relationship between the two companies.

Based on the Controlled Droplet Application (CDA) spray heads developed and manufactured by Micron, the shielded Enviromist range of sprayers offer many benefits to end users in vineyards, bush crops, soft fruit production, orchards, kerb side weed control, golf courses, amenity, turf and vegetables. The Enviromist rolling breakaway system means it can be used around plants that are susceptible to mechanical damage while applying the herbicide right up to the base of the plant or bed.

With conventional high volume methods of herbicide application, considerable losses can occur through drift, evaporation and run-off. The Enviromist shielded CDA sprayers apply spray only to the targeted area. The patented range of shields ensures on-target spraying in wind conditions where the standard unshielded sprayers could not be used safely.

The use of the CDA rotary atomizer makes it possible to use a small droplet size for greater spraying efficiency. This means that a larger area can be covered with a given amount of liquid giving substantial savings in reducing down time to re-fill and significantly increasing work rate.

Because the design of the equipment is lightweight, it can be used on all terrain vehicles (ATVs) or any vehicle with a 12 volt electrical system. The savings that result from using ATVs can include much lower fuel costs, very low levels of soil compaction and faster spraying operations. With lightweight vehicles, spraying can commence much earlier after heavy rain than with normal conventional tractor based spraying methods. The Enviromist range of equipment can also be fitted to standard tractors if desired.

• For more information on the Variodome

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• Cereals 2010 exhibitor information as supplied by Micron Sprayers

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