Moisture levels high in Cornwall

Cornish grower John Moss at Howton Farm said harvest had gone very well until the weather broke last week. Moistures had been at a “steady” 14-16% but he said they had “changed dramatically” to 21%.

Wheat yields were “exceptional” and “the surprise of the year” with an average of 8.75-10t/ha (3.5-4t/ac), which he was very pleased with. All crops made quality grade and all bushel weights were above 76kg/hl.

He said later drilled Alchemy did particularly well, Glasgow did very well and so did Istabraq and Claire. “They all performed very well and the later drilled crops came out on top.”

A small amount of spring milling wheat Paragon yielded 6.25t/ha and met milling specification, he said.

Mr Moss had 28ha (70ac) of spring beans and 36ha (90ac) spring oilseed rape left to cut after the remaining 80ha (200ac) of winter wheat. “We wanted to put harvest to bed by the end of August but that’s fast approaching now.”

Next year he planned to grow Alchemy, Istabraq and Claire with a small amount of Deben. He also planned to try some Brompton because it did well in local trials and some Hereward for milling.

• Crop: Winter wheat
• Variety: Alchemy, Glasgow, Istabraq and Claire
• Area: N/A
• Yield: 8.75-10t/ha (3.5-4t/ac)
• Quality: Bushel weight above 76kg/hl

• Crop: Spring wheat
• Variety: Paragon
• Yield: 6.25t/ha
• Quality: Met milling spec

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