New Agrifac sprayers on show

Agrifac is introducing its 2011 range of sprayers with the latest generation of J booms at cereals.

The new models, which will be seen for the first time at Sprays & Sprayers, Stand No. B207, are designed for the larger operator and accelerated by the increasing demand for wider, more stable and durable spraying booms.

Agrifac has more than 25 years experience in self-propelled and trailed sprayers and with innovations such as StabiloPlus, HighTechAirplus, EcotronicPlus, GPS single-nozzle selection and GreenflowPlus continues to lead the market in boom stability, sprayer technology and development.

Top of the range is the Condor self-propelled sprayer with air suspension on all four wheels, which is adjustable according to the tank load, on-the-move stepless track width adjustment (with digital read out), four-wheel steering and an equal weight distribution on all four wheels.

The StabiloPlus pendel axle system produces a stable, self-levelling chassis with minimal movement, improved operator comfort and less ground compaction. Combined with the Agrifac BalancePlus system, the boom remains stable with minimal swing and yaw.

The new J booms are made from round tube, which results in an unmatched robust and stable construction with increased durability and long life. The J boom offers nozzle protection along the complete boom width. Boom widths are up to 51 metres and there is a choice of tank capacities – 3,400 litres, 4,000 litres and 5,400 litres (7,200 litres on trailed models).

The Condor has a good ground clearance of 1.20m and is fitted with a spacious and comfortable cab. The driver is well catered for with an air suspension seat, excellent visibility in all directions, an adjustable steering wheel, fresh air installation with carbon filter, an automatic climate control system, a passenger seat and a cool box.

There is a large and easily accessible platform with ample storage area for chemicals.

The EcotronicPlus touch screen management system is a smart combination of GPS, engine management and spray computer. The GPS system incorporates track guiding, sectional spraying and automatic start/stop spraying on headlands and field borders.

The engine management system produces the optimum engine RPM resulting in fuel saving. The main spray functions are controlled on the easy-to-use joystick and on the main console with fingertip switches.

The Agrifac HighTechAirPlus system combines air and liquid in the spray nozzle, in a perfect combination to suit differing circumstances. Droplets can be varied in size according to the wind, crop and other conditions to reduce drift, increase penetration into the crop, reduce water and chemical usage and increase the number of spraying hours.

GreenflowPlus is a new and unique pump and flow regulation system which reduces the residue fluid in the sprayer by up to 80%. It is the first real circulation system to not have stationary fluid in the sprayer’s pipework system which would cause sedimentation.

Cereals 2011 exhibitor information as supplied by Agrifac.


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