New British Sugar contract is sweet deal for beet growers, says Richard Cobbald

Queues of crawling traffic that clogged up previous Cereals events, causing major delays and frustrating farmers, thankfully did not materialise this year.

We arrived early on day one and, to my amazement, we drove straight into the drop-off point with hardly any delay and were despatched by the taxi for the long day ahead.

Although there wasn’t anything outstandingly new there, I was looking forward to the British Sugar announcement that morning, which turned out to be pretty good. As long as some of the extra tonnage comes my way I will be a happy sugar beet grower – something of a rarity of late.

We continued on our merry way, visiting lots of stands who all insisted we join them for a pint – highlighting the need for the taxi and a place nearby to stay. All in all, it was a very good day out. We managed to do a bit of business as well as catch up with several old mates over the day. Well done to all involved.

Accolades are few and far between in this industry, so to win the Countryside Management Award for our class in the East of England Farm Business Awards was a feather in all our caps. I never expected to win the farm part as the drought took care of that, but I was slightly surprised to win for our efforts with the countryside management.

Finally, has anyone got any idea when harvest will start?






Farmer Focus Arable: Richard Cobbald

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